Testimonials and Reviews

Below are some of the comments I have received from people who have come to a private reading, participated in a meditation session or had a spiritual home cleansing. If you would like to share your experiences with me, please send me an email to anita@yourspiritualguidance.com. Please include your first name, last initial and location.


I am thankful to all my clients for choosing me to be a part of their spiritual journey

“From the moment I arrived at our session, Anita made me feel at ease. She is gentle and yet embodies deep confidence in her gifts. Her insight and intuition is a rare ability that she shares with compassion and integrity. Our session was insightful, rich and informative. She made it easy for me to explore the themes in my life on which I needed clarity, and while giving me space and permission, she also offered helpful guidance. I would recommend her to anyone seeking deeper insight regarding their life path and purpose!”
Nikki S. – Victoria, BC

“Anita is a trusted spiritual guide whom I’ve turned to over the years for assistance and guidance. Through her cleansing of my house, she enabled the resident spirit to join his family who were waiting for him. The cleansing also replaced negative energy with positive, and the change in energy was noticed by family. Her guided meditation sessions have assisted me to connect with the spiritual dimension and expand my intuitive abilities. Anita’s Tarot card readings have helped to reassure me that I’m on the right path and that I’m supported in my life decisions. Her incredible abilities and kind caring nature make her a valued friend and spiritual guide for which I’m so grateful.”
Janet Z. – Victoria, BC

“From the very beginning Anita has pointed out exactly what was going on in my life and the difficulties which I was facing. She kindly guided me to make sure I was asking the right questions and has greatly helped me put a lot of points of my life into perspective. The session with her was incredibly insightful and helpful in various aspects of my life. Her gift is evident and will lead many people towards true happiness if they chose so. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to speak with such an insightful, gifted, charismatic person as Anita.”
Mariya T. – Victoria, BC

“My session with Anita quieted many of my worries, refreshed my feelings of hope, affirmed my path and bolstered my resilience to face my personal challenges. Thank you, Anita, for your warm professional demeanour and your empathy and insight. As you told me, a new opportunity has already revealed itself and I’m ready to work for it!”
Patricia K. – Victoria, BC

I use candles for many occasions: for readings, ceremonies, meditations, and often just to make me feel good

I use candles for many occasions: for readings, ceremonies, meditations, and often just to make me feel good

“Anita’s gifts of Tarot reading and mediumship are wonderful! Our sessions have been so helpful and accurate in providing guidance on a variety of situations. She’s kind and approachable and will help you compose questions if you aren’t quite sure how to ask for what you want to know. Her gentle spirit will make you feel at ease.”
Carolyn T. – Vancouver, BC

“From the moment I met Anita, I knew that she was special. Her energy made me feel welcomed and peaceful. Her guidance has provided me with valuable information that has helped me with many areas of my life. She is professional, caring and gifted. I feel blessed to have Anita as one of my spiritual guides.”
Susana A. – Richmond, BC