Spirit Circle in January 2017

Happy New Year!


I hope everyone had a nice holiday season and a chance to rest and spend time with family and friends.

As I indicated in December, I am launching a few new initiatives this year. One of them is the Spirit Circle Appreciation Program. It is about thanking you for attending the meditation sessions. When you come to a session, you’ll get an appreciation card, and after attending 5 sessions, the 6th one is free!

In January, the Spirit Circle will be on the 6th and 20th. Our start time is 7:00 pm. We open with a brief healing meditation leading into a guided meditation, followed by a discussion about any spiritual areas of interest. Please feel free to arrive 10-15 minutes earlier and enjoy a cup of tea before we begin. The address is 479 Monterey Ave and the price is $20 per person. Please let me know beforehand if you are planning to attend.

As a new service, I am also introducing private meditation sessions starting this month. I began facilitating these sessions as a pilot last fall, and more and more people have been expressing interest in them. The private sessions are complementing and are not replacing the group meditation sessions (Spirit Circle). Private sessions are offered to individuals or small groups of 2-4 people. The private sessions are great for people who feel more comfortable in a one-on-one setting or would like to meditate with people they know (e.g. friends, partners, siblings, colleagues, etc.). The group sessions, on the other hand, are a great opportunity to meet with new people and get fresh ideas and perspectives on a variety of subjects. The Appreciation Program also applies to the private sessions.

I look forward to spending time with you this year!

May the New Year bring you a life filled with health, joy, laughter and peace! Happy 2017!

With love and blessings,