Before You Book a Session

Before you book a session with me for a private reading, I would like you to know what the session is going to be about and what it is not.

The session is like a conversation where together we examine and gain intuitive insight on different areas that are of interest to you. We gently explore your thoughts and feelings to try to find answers to your questions.


I look forward to an exciting and insightful journey together

The answers are within us and we all have access to them. I am here to help you tap into the universal consciousness to find the answers, confirmations and reassurances you are looking for.

This process requires an open mind and an open heart. It requires respect for the space that is created and the connection we find together. This connection opens a channel of communication that allows us to move between worlds of seen and unseen, intellectual and intuitive, conscious and unconscious.

And please keep in mind, as we and the world around us are evolving, the answers are evolving as well. The answers we find today may not be the same we would find in a month or a year. But today’s answers are immensely helpful because they assist us with the present and help us move on so that we can continually evolve, change and transform.

If there is openness, respect, appreciation, acceptance, curiosity, and willingness to listen, learn and experience on both sides, our intuition awakens and the conversation flows. If these are not present, the session is not going to be helpful. If our energies do not mesh, if we are not able to connect, we are both welcome to say that we do not wish to continue.

There is no room for judgement and scepticism. The session is not about accuracy, it is about engaging, experiencing and gaining new perspectives. It is not about measuring, it is about interest, participating and exploring. It is not about performing, it is about vulnerability, trust and understanding.

The session is a quiet and gentle search of the heart. It is an exciting journey and we are on this journey together.