About My Readings

We know that our five senses are sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. But we have another sense that is equally as important as the other five. Often referred to as our sixth sense or intuition, is the gut feeling we have that cannot always be logically explained. We all have intuitive abilities and these abilities can be strengthened and developed.

Receiving Intuitive Messages

I love to be in nature to rejuvenate, re-energize and revitalize myself

I love to be in nature to rejuvenate, re-energize and revitalize myself


Intuitive information comes to us constantly, all we need to do is paying attention. For example, I often receive intuitive messages during the day when I go about my daily activities, when I sit down and meditate, and even when I sleep at night. I’ve developed a habit of taking notes of my thoughts and feelings because they are a source of intuitive information.


Messages can come from the energy field surronding me, the energy field of the people around me, and from spirit energy (from spirit guides, animal guides, nature spirits, angels, ascended teachers, passed over loved ones, etc).


I receive intuitive information telepathically. My mind and body are impressed with thoughts and feelings that come in the form of “clairs”. I mentally “hear” (clairaudience), “see” (clairvoyance), “feel” (clairsentience) and/or “know” (claircognizance) information. However, I am not a physical medium; I do not channel spirit to receive information.

The different forms of “clairs” can be described as follows:

Clairaudience – clear hearing: This is an inner hearing. It sounds like when you are reading silently to yourself. I hear words, phrases, names, sounds and sometimes even music.

I often receive messages in my dreams and always make a note of them

I often receive messages in my dreams and always make a note of them

Clairvoyance – clear seeing: This is an inner seeing that takes place in my mind’s eye. I see objects, colours, numbers, symbols, angels, fairies, etc. Sometimes the information I receive is very subtle and I may not even know what the images mean, and other times I get a full scene. It is like watching a little movie inside my head.

Clairsentience – clear feeling: It is the ability to receive and actually experience the physical and emotional projections of those from both other dimensions and this one. For example, I can easily pick up on the moods of people around me and it often leaves me feeling drained, exhausted or overwhelmed. I am also sensitive to my surroundings (a cluttered house, for example, bothers me), it can be difficult for me to watch the news, and I can feel when someone lies to me.

Claircognizance – clear knowing: This is an inner knowing when I know something but there is no logical explanation for how I know it. This sense of knowing can be very strong and can come in the form of intuitive thoughts that just pop into my head out of the blue.

The Celtic Cross Tarot spread

The Celtic Cross Tarot spread

Clairalience – clear smelling: It is the ability to pick up smells that are beyond what is in the physical world. For example, I often smell flowers where there are none near me.

When it comes to these intuitive gifts, some are usually more pronounced than others. In my work, I most often utilize the abilities of clairaudience and clairvoyance. During a reading, I rely on my inner hearing and seeing to receive information on the past, present and future, and I also interpret Tarot and Oracle cards to gain further insight on different aspects of your life (health, relationships, work, etc.).

The Decisions are Yours

My role in a reading is to serve as a guide to help you realize that ultimately the answers lie within you. My aim is to offer you insight and guidance and it is for you to draw your own conclusions for you always maintain your free will and the responsibility of following your own path.

Preparing for a Reading

My spiritual counselling studio in Oak Bay

My spiritual counselling studio in Oak Bay

To get the best experience out of a reading with me, I suggest you prepare mentally for the reading. Think about questions you would like to ask or areas you would like to cover during our session. I will also work with you to formulate your questions so that you receive answers that are the most helpful to you and empower you to make the best decisions for yourself. When you ask questions that begin with “How?”, “Why?” and “What?” instead of questions that can be answered with a simple “Yes” or “No”, you are opening the door for a more in-depth exploration of the issue.

Honesty and Respect

I am open and honest with the messages I receive, I do not hide negative messages or disappointing news. It has been my experience that negative messages are often warnings that can be prevented or lessened by being prepared.

Also, if I don’t know the answer to your question, I will tell you. Many times if an answer is not coming to light during a reading, there is a reason for that. This is especially true in prediction readings. If it is in your highest and best good to let certain information be unknown, the information will not come through during the reading.

My readings are handled with confidentiality, honesty and compassion

My readings are handled with confidentiality, honesty and compassion

Furthermore, I am here to help you in your soul’s journey but am not here to tell you everything your heart desires. Certain questions are off limits. For instance, I do not give gambling tips, predict death or diagnose serious health issues.

Although I will tell you honestly the messages I receive, I strive for delivering them in a sensitive way with compassion and respect. My goal for you is to leave the reading feeling uplifted, inspired and excited about your life.


I will never discuss the content of your reading with anyone else other than you. The information is for you and you alone. Because of this, I do not retain any details of your reading. If you would like to record the information you receive during the reading, please bring a notebook to take notes.

There are a few exceptions to client confidentiality. This includes situations where the client intends to harm themselves or others or where the client has committed a significant crime.


I do not provide readings for those under the age of 18. Also, I offer my readings for your entertainment and possible enlightenment only. I strongly advise that you do not use the reading in place of professional health, legal, financial or therapeutic advice. Should you require any such assistance, please consult a licensed medical practitioner, lawyer, accountant or therapist.